How can athletes use BioWaveGO?

BioWave’s new partnership with 6-time PGA Tour Champion Rocco Mediate proves how much professional athletes trust the technology. But how does it help them combat pain and carry on competing at the top of their game?

Rocco uses BioWaveGO as part of his pain management and recovery routine. When the partnership was announced, he said: “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with BioWaveGO as their brand ambassador on PGA Tour Champions. I’m looking forward to it helping me stay pain-free so I can continue to perform at the highest level.”

Professional athletes need a pain management and recovery program to stay ahead of the competition. Injury and slow recovery can take vital time away from training schedules – so the regular use of a portable pain management device like BioWaveGO means they can access safe pain relief at any time.

How Does BioWaveGO Work?

BioWaveGO takes the decades of research and proven prescription BioWave technology to bring an over-the-counter portable pain relief solution to everyone.

“BioWave is a life-changing non-opioid, non-addictive, effective, and inexpensive smarter pain blocking technology that helps people manage their acute or chronic pain,” says Brad Siff, President and Found of BioWave Corporation.

The pain relief technology has already been effectively used by thousands of patients. The prescription products available have helped patients in recovery, chronic pain sufferers, college sports teams, and over 500 professional athletes. It’s a high-frequency neurostimulation technology that works to relieve pain long after the treatment session – unlike traditional TENS machines.

The unique current delivered by BioWave products gets into the fibers below the skin, creating a pain block in the muscle tissue and around nerve fibers. Unlike traditional TENS machines, which only deliver surface-level relief, these blocks produce up to 24 hours of deep tissue pain relief with just a 30-minute treatment session.

Why BioWaveGO Benefits Athletes

The new partnership with Rocco Mediate demonstrates the proven efficacy of BioWaveGO in professional athletes. Pain management becomes easy and immediate, with the portable and discreet device available wherever and whenever it’s required.

The opioid-free pain relief treatment is ideal for acute or chronic pain problems. Avoiding strong prescription painkillers to manage your pain as a professional athlete means you’re still alert, ready to train, and won’t risk developing a damaging opioid addiction.

The FDA-cleared device is already used by thousands of college and professional athletes – and now any serious sports enthusiast can make the most of the tried-and-tested BioWave technology with BioWaveGO.

Where To Buy BioWaveGO

BioWaveGO is an over-the-counter product: it uses the technology developed for prescription BioWave products and makes it accessible for everyone.

It’s easy to get hold of BioWaveGO at our online shop. The 30-day money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that this safe pain relief device will work for you – or you’ll get a full refund.

If you’ve got more questions about BioWaveGO before you buy, our web chat team is here to help. Alternatively, contact us here and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.