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Our mission: To provide a smarter way to relieve severe pain
immediately with deep and long-lasting results.

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BioWave® is a non-opioid, FDA cleared, patented, Smarter Pain Blocking Technology® designed to block pain at the source. We offer a comprehensive approach to personalized care focused on outcomes for each patient. Our technology is safe and effective with no drugs and no side effects. It is portable and easy to use with one-button control. BioWave® products are widely prescribed to people with acute, chronic and post-operative pain.


BioWave’s proprietary technology was developed and born in professional sports in conjunction with the New York Giants football team through a clinical study treating pain from acute and chronic injuries in professional football players. This study and others were the basis for our first FDA clearance.
After getting its first FDA clearance, BioWave built a strong customer base in professional, collegiate, and Olympic sports which continues to this day. Professional & Collegiate Athletic trainers consider BioWave a go-to modality to help their athletes manage pain through their recovery and rehabilitation from sports related injuries. In 2017 BioWave began helping patients of the Veterans Administration, Department of Labor and Active Military manage their acute and chronic pain conditions. To date BioWave has been prescribed by over 140 Federal Healthcare VA Сlinics resulting in a number of white papers and a published study that document successful outcomes for patients who used BioWave. BioWave’s prescription products have been prescribed to over 500 professional athletes and are used by over 105 professional sports teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS and by over 140 college sports teams.


Rob Adler


Bradford Siff

Founder & President

Rob Wolter

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Papandrea

Chief Revenue Officer


Tom Keating

Director of Finance

Tia Cavone

Senior Director of Operations

Renee Cody

Senior Director of Corporate Development

Ania Kuniej

Director of Marketing

Tony Queiroga

Senior Director of Government Sales

Tijana Radinkovic

Director of Customer Service

BioWave is Changing
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Rob Adler


Rob is the Managing Partner of Northstar Pain Management LLC. Northstar acquired a controlling interest in Biowave in December 2015. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of BioWave.

Rob joined the Company in 2016, bringing with him decades of Wall Street experience.  He has served as President to XTF Advisors, an ETF Research and Trading firm in New York City, and President to AmStar Funds and National Funds, a Broker/Dealer, in his previous roles.  He was Co-Founder of NorthStar Investment Management Corp (now part of Voya Investment Management, and formerly known as ING Funds), and also spent many years as a Senior Vice President at Shearson/Lehman Brothers.  Rob holds a B.A. in History from State University of New York Purchase College, and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Brad Siff

Founder & President

Brad is the founder of BioWave and a member of the Board of Directors. He is a skilled business leader and provides the guiding vision and strategic direction for the company. Brad manages new product development, R&D, clinical studies and applications, reimbursement strategy, quality, regulatory, contract manufacturing, government affairs and corporate finance. His original concept for BioWave’s signal technology came from an inspiration he had while working as the Chief Operating Officer at a prior medical device company. Brad also worked for 7 years as Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions for Daiwa Securities with a focus on the Medical Device Industry.

Brad received undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Cornell Engineering and an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. Brad’s Master’s Thesis was focused on a project for the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. In his spare time, Brad is a fitness junkie and has been known to rip tremendous topspin on a tennis or paddle ball. He is an artist, photographer, and fond of traveling, skiing, food and wine.

Rob Wolter


Rob is responsible for running the BioWave operating business, including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service and Operations. A business leader with extensive experience in both technology-based businesses and consumer goods, Rob joined the BioWave team in 2016. Leveraging his strengths as an entrepreneur and business executive, Rob has been instrumental in developing strategies to make BioWave’s neurostimulators accessible to pain-sufferers of all kinds.

Rob completed his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of New Hampshire. He is a former Board Member and Finance Chair of the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and a former board member and committee chair of the Lawn & Garden Marketing and Distribution Association. He was also formerly on the board of the Terrapin Foundation. Rob is an experienced fly fisherman with multiple fishing derby wins under his belt. When he’s not at work, Rob likes to be on the water with his wife and three children.

Joseph Papandrea

Chief Revenue Officer

Joseph Papandrea is a highly accomplished global executive with over two decades experience driving a sea-change in shareholder value for global companies in a wide cross section of sectors ranging from healthcare to technology, resources, energy, industrial, and transportation. 

Joseph’s worldwide background has helped businesses and customers scale their offerings nationally and globally. He is experienced in the intricacies of publicly traded stocks, both at an operational level executing transformational growth and scale, and at a governance level building growth focused sustainable and compliant operating models. 

Joseph has lived and worked across the world predominantly in Fortune 500 public companies.  Most recently Joseph served as Chief Operating Officer for a public medical device company, where he drove 2x annual revenue growth, and prior he served as Vice President, Global Operations for Arrow Electronics.  He has resided on three continents and today lives with his family in Colorado where they enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and hiking national parks, and most importantly, helping children with special needs.