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BioWave RX ® is a 100% drug-free, wearable, FDA cleared and CE certified, smarter pain blocking technology.

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BioWave® delivers better pain relief outcomes(1)

The compact BioWaveGO® Rx is a portable, more effective alternative to TENS. BioWave® RX is 100% drug-free, wearable FDA cleared, smarter pain blocking technology that delivers better patient outcomes.

10430 BioWaveGO Rx US Icons V2-02
10430 BioWaveGO Rx US Icons V2-03
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(1) Open Label Pilot Study Investigating Non invasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation In Chronic Pain Patients, outcomes from 463 study participants, published in the peer reviewed journal Pain Practice from the World Institute Of Pain.

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BioWave honored with “Innovator of the Month” award from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (CT)