Olympic Track Gold Medalist Tianna Bartoletta Partners with BioWave

Olympic Champion Tianna Bartoletta

BioWave is further building its “Performance Team” and increasing the national awareness of the popular BioWaveGO through a partnership with U.S. Olympic Track Gold Medalist Tianna Bartoletta that will help amplify the GO’s unique pain relief pedigree and patented technology.

“As a 2x Olympian, 3x Olympic Gold medalist, and the current Olympic Champion, I train intensely several days a week and my body is always experiencing pain. BioWaveGO might be the single most effective recovery tool I have in my tool box. It’s easy to use and mobile.” said Tianna. “You can literally clip this on and forget about it!”

The development and enthusiastic reception of the new BioWaveGO OTC product is the natural evolution of a patented neurostimulator pain relief technology that BioWave has perfected over more than ten years. BioWaveGO is available in a wearable, non-prescription strength to help anyone in acute or chronic pain lead a fuller and active life.  Unlike old-fashioned TENS, BioWave’s patented high frequency signal-mixing technology, targets past the layers of skin into deep tissue. BioWaveGO is designed to block the pain signal directly at the nerve inside the body, making it ideal for quick, daily 30-minute treatments that can provide long lasting pain relief.

“I am excited to introduce the BioWaveGO pain relief technology to more people through our partnership with a top U.S. athlete like Tianna,” said Brad Siff, Founder & President of BioWave Corporation. “BioWave is a great tool to use following exercise or sports to reduce pain and facilitate motion to accelerate recovery.” Siff expounded that “BioWave is a life-changing non-opioid, non-addictive, effective, and inexpensive smarter pain blocking technology that is athlete proven and that helps all people manage their acute or chronic pain.”

BioWave’s other prescription products have been used in and prescribed by many pain and ortho doctors, and has been prescribed to 500 professional athletes and has been used by 125+ college sports teams. BioWave’s FDA-cleared, high-frequency neurostimulation technology, described in more detail on its website, delivers soothing therapeutic signals through the skin into deep tissue, blocking pain signals at the source.

BioWave is available under Federal Supply Schedule contract number V797D-70205.

BioWaveGO is available for purchase here.

About BioWave Corporation

BioWave is a health technology company that manufactures and sells a variety of FDA cleared medical devices, all based on its patented, high-frequency neurostimulation technology for natural, non-opioid pain relief. Products include BioWavePRO and BioWavePENS, for use in a physician’s office, BioWaveHOME, a home prescription portable version, and BioWaveGO an over the counter wearable version. BioWave devices are in use by physicians nationwide, as well as by over 500 professional athletes across most major professional leagues and have been officially recommended by Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). BioWave’s OTC device, BioWaveGO is available on biowavego.com, Amazon, Walmart.com, FSA/HSA, and will soon be available in Europe, UK and the Middle East by the end of 2020.  See BioWave Clinical Research & Studies here: