Can Electrical Stimulation Really Provide Pain Relief?

Many chronic pain sufferers will have turned to a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine to try and alleviate their pain. When they find it doesn’t work for them, they feel that electrical stimulation simply doesn’t help reduce pain.

However, with the latest innovations, electrical impulses can deliver long-lasting pain relief. Just one 30-minute session can provide relief for up to 24 hours.

We developed BioWave to counter the common problems people experienced when using TENS machines to reduce their pain. Keep reading to find out why BioWave is different – and could work for you, even if traditional TENS machines haven’t helped in the past.

How Traditional TENS Machines Work

A traditional TENS machine uses small pads to deliver small electric pulses to the skin’s surface. This can help some people to experience some pain relief during the time the TENS machine is being used.

However, there are no long-lasting pain relief effects, which means pain returns very quickly after using a TENS machine. This is because the electric impulses are only delivered to the skin’s surface. The twitching of the muscles that this causes can provide some pain relief, but it doesn’t get deep enough to block pain pathways.

Why BioWave Advances Improve Pain Relief Possibilities

BioWave technology isn’t like traditional TENS machines. It took 15 years to research and develop the innovative tech that reduces pain for up to 24-hours.

The patented technology uses alternating electric pulses that reach further into the body than the skin. The pulses reach the pain fibers deep in muscle tissue, creating a type of barrier between the nerve and the brain.

This blocks the pain signal, which is then felt as pain relief in the user. The electrical field also creates something called hypoesthesia, which feels like a light numbness around the area.

The unique way BioWave technology works means you can use it for 30 minutes and feel a reduction in your pain for up to 24 hours.

That’s why the patented technology is trusted by professional athletes. BioWave is cleared by FDA and is safe to use alongside, or as an alternative to, traditional pain relief methods such as prescription painkillers.

Advantages Of Portable Pain Relief With BioWaveGO

BioWave has been in use with the BioWave HOME prescription device for a while – but now the technology is available over-the-counter for anybody to try as part of their pain management program.

The BioWaveGO requires no prescription, and can be used for pain caused by acute injuries, post-surgery aches, or chronic conditions such as arthritis. The unique patented electrical stimulation technology can be taken anywhere, such as the office or on vacation, as it’s so discreet and easy to use.

The portable pain relief of BioWaveGo makes it an ideal solution for anyone who wants to stop pain disrupting their daily life. It can be operated by an easy-to-use smartphone app, helping you to track and monitor your pain treatment and relief over time.

Where To Buy BioWaveGO

We’re confident that BioWaveGO will help you to manage your pain effectively. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, too: if you don’t think it works for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

The best bit is that BioWaveGO is eligible for HSA and FSA schemes, so you may be able to claim any costs from your health insurance provider, too. We also offer monthly payment plans to help everybody access the drug-free pain relief they deserve.

Buy online today to start your risk-free trial, or call us on 1-877-BIOWAVE to speak to our expert customer service team to have your questions answered.