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BioWave® offers a broad progressive pain management program to all Federal Employees including Veterans, Active Military and other Federal employees through our Federal Supply Schedule Contract with the U.S. Government.

BioWave®’s non-surgical high-frequency peripheral nerve stimulation technology is clinically proven to provide an average of 8 hours of pain relief from a single 30-minute treatment and 94% of patients report a significant improvement in quality of life.

BioWave is widely used and prescribed within the VA. Our products are available in over 140 VA Clinics. FSS Contract # V797D-70205.
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(1) Open Label Pilot Study Investigating Non invasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation In Chronic Pain Patients, outcomes from 463 study participants, published in the peer reviewed journal Pain Practice from the World Institute Of Pain.

Virtual or
In-Person Trial Program to
Verify Positive Patient

In Federal healthcare facilities like VA Hospitals, Community Based Outreach Centers (CBOCs) and Military Bases and Hospitals, providers can confirm BioWave provides positive outcomes for their patients in two different ways:


Many providers utilize a BioWave unit in their clinic to treat a patient to verify that the patient has a positive outcome for their particular pain condition, prior to prescribing a BioWave unit for use at home.


We also provide a virtual trial where the provider fills out our short form requesting a trial. We ship a very easy-to-use BioWaveHOME unit and/or BioWrap directly to the patient, contact the patient to provide instruction and following two weeks of daily treatments, the patient fills out a Treatment Questionnaire that is retuned to the provider to assess their outcome.

If the patient has a positive outcome the provider provides the prescription to the Prosthetics Department or in some cases through insurance for the military.

For In-Person trials we then ship a new BioWaveHOME unit directly to the patient. For virtual trials, the patient keeps the new unit that we sent them for the trial.

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