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Sport Medicine Provider Or Athletic Trainer

Sport Medicine Provider or Athletic Trainer

BioWave® started in professional sports – the NY football Giants were the company’s first customer. Today BioWave® has over 105 professional sports teams and over 140 college sports programs that use BioWave to keep athletes in the game. BioWave has also been prescribed to over 500 individual professional athletes.

Accelerate rehabilitation and return to play

BioWave can be used prophylactically in advance of practice or a game as well as to manage pain and inflammation after practice or the game. BioWave is complementary to heat and cold therapy and is also used as a tool to facilitate active or passive range of motion while managing pain simultaneously. As a result, BioWave can accelerate rehabilitation and return to play.

Covered by Insurance

In professional sports, BioWavePRO®, BioWaveHOME®, BioWraps® and both noninvasive and percutaneous electrodes are covered by Workers Compensation. Contact us to learn more.

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