Physio vs BioWaveGO: How the Costs Add Up

When you’re dealing with an acute injury or a chronic condition,  you may be recommended physiotherapy. It’s a tried and tested method to support rehab, recovery and reduce pain. However, with waiting times for NHS appointments higher than ever and pricey private appointments, it’s not always the only way.  

To compare the benefits of physiotherapy vs BioWaveGO, we’ve looked at the cost and waiting times of both to help you weigh up your options.

The Cost of Physiotherapy 

When you ask “how much does a physio session cost?” – there’s no definitive answer. The cost of physiotherapy varies from practitioner to practitioner – and the cost is passed on if received through the NHS. However, a general rule of thumb is that private treatment is between £40 – £60 per physiotherapy session. And treatment usually lasts for more than one session.

One cycle fo physiotherapy typically includes at least one follow-up appointment, and, in most cases, up to five further sessions. However, if you have a chronic condition, you may use a physiotherapist over a much longer period. 

The cost of BioWaveGO 

Our BioWaveGO device has a UK RRP of £385.00. At the forefront of pain management technology, our patented pain relief machine is an investment, but, crucially, one that gives you more control over your pain. BioWaveGO delivers therapeutic electrical signals that block pain directly at the nerve preventing it from reaching the brain. It’s 100% drug-free and one thirty-minute session can provide lasting relief for up to eight hours anytime, anyplace. 

How they compare 

If you’re visiting a physiotherapist for those initial six sessions at an average of £50, you’re looking at a cost of around £3001, not so far off the cost of BioWaveGO. But remember, that’s just for those initial sessions.

If you have a chronic condition or a flare-up of an old injury, you’ll have to pay the same all over again for a new bank of physio sessions. The benefit of our pain-blocking device is that you can use it for as many sessions – and for any length of session – you like. While at first glance, BioWaveGO may seem expensive, it certainly holds its own when compared with private physiotherapy.  

No waiting times 

There are, of course, free and subsidised physiotherapy sessions offered by the NHS in the UK. However, a recent freedom of information request from NHS England revealed that some patients are waiting up to 4 months to see a physiotherapist2. That’s 4 months with little to no treatment. With BioWaveGO, you can start getting pain relief from your first treatment. 

Treat multiple areas of pain 

Another key advantage that BioWaveGO gives users is the option to treat many different parts of their body. Physiotherapy focuses on one area at a time – and should you wish to treat more than one body part, you’ll need to pay for a separate session.  

With BioWaveGO, users can focus treatment on different body parts at no extra cost. For example, treating your shoulder for half an hour and then treating your knee for a further half an hour provides lasting pain relief without paying for two professional sessions. The device’s versatility means it is effective across the body.  

Proven results 

With so many products out there promising the world, how can you be sure BioWave works? Well, our CE mark pending device has seen proven results, with a recent study3 of 460 chronic pain sufferers showing significant improvements in level of pain, mood and quality of life. Dr Dominic Hegartya Consultant in Pain Management & Neuromodulation at the Orthopaedic and Spine Centre, Mater Private Hospital, Cork, explains:   

“Over the past 12 months, we have been using BioWaveGO as part of our clinical management plan with great results.  It’s been particularly effective for individuals suffering mild to moderate symptoms, with eight out of ten patients finding a BioWaveGO treatment has reduced the pain they are experiencing by up to 50 or 60%.” 


A long-term investment 

When deciding what’s the best option, you may also wonder: how long does physio last? The benefits of a physiotherapy session vary depending on your injury and the number of sessions but when it comes to chronic conditions, will wear off.

We understand that our patented technology isn’t cheap, but  BioWaveGO is an investment worth making. For the cost of one of our pocket-sized, pain-relieving devices, you can treat multiple parts of the body for any length of session and any number of sessions you need.  

Discover more about BioWaveGo’s innovative technology Forget about your pain and get back to being you.