BioWave’s Innovation in the Spotlight!

Newark manufacturer helps bring BioWave pain management tech to Buffalo Bills and other pros.

A Norwalk, Conn.-based pain management device company, whose products are popular with professional sports teams, including the Buffalo Bills, relies on a Rochester-area manufacturer to bring its products to market.

BioWave is a provider of non-opioid and non-surgical pain management solutions. The company’s patented technology delivers high frequency neurostimulation directly to pain nerves, offering immediate and long-lasting relief from chronic, acute and post-operative pain.


“Our mission is to help patients win their battles with severe pain and get them to return to activities of daily living,” said Brad Siff, the company’s founder and president.


Siff, a mechanical engineer by trade who has an MBA from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, has a personal connection to the challenges of chronic pain, which drove him to develop the BioWave technology.

The devices use rechargeable battery systems and include BioWaveGO, which is wearable and made for use on the go; BioWaveHOME, a prescription-strength device for use at home, and BioWavePRO, which is designed for use in hospitals and clinics.

The company’s first professional sports team client was the New York Giants. There are now 30 out of 32 NFL teams, 26 Major League Baseball teams, 25 NBA teams as well as several NHL, MLS and Olympic sports teams that use BioWave devices to reduce pain and increase range of motion and function to accelerate the rehabilitation process.

BioWave has since begun helping patients of the Veterans Administration, Department of Labor and active military manage their acute and chronic pain conditions.

Its increasing popularity is impacting sales, Siff said, noting the roughly 45-person firm has seen an annual sales increase of some 30 percent.

The company’s devices include BioWavePRO, BioWaveHOME and BioWaveGO. (Photo provided)

The company’s products are also receiving industry accolades.

BioWave was recognized as the Top Pain Management Device Provider of 2023 by MedTech Outlook, a medical technology publication. The award acknowledged BioWave’s commitment to innovation, patient-centric care and its mission to help individuals win their battle with severe pain.

The company has a local connection — having worked with a Rochester-area contract manufacturer for several years to get its devices made.

BioWave initially worked with IEC Electronics in Newark, Wayne County and has continued its business relationship after IEC was acquired by Creation Technologies in the fall of 2021.

Creation operates 14 manufacturing locations, including the one in Newark, and employs some 4,000 people. Its customers are in the aerospace, defense and security, medical and tech industrials markets.

Scott Drabek, account development director with Creation, said the company focuses on providing manufacturing solutions and design recommendations to support the producibility of the customer’s product.

For its partnership with BioWave, Creation developed the entire manufacturing process to build its product based on the company’s design documentation, he noted.

“There are standard processes involved, however the uniqueness of each customer’s product drives the development of new processes specifically when we are building full products,” Drabek said. “This was true for BioWave where Creation Technologies had to design and develop specialized tooling fixtures to support the new processes required to assemble and test the units.”

Creation made process improvements to reduce the manufacturing cycle time and ultimately reduce costs, he noted, adding that Creation also made design changes and improvement recommendations to BioWave which, in turn, were incorporated into the designs.

The local site engages with all sizes of customers, which is consistent across all the Creation Technologies’ sites, Drabek said.

“We are focused on providing high-quality products and lifetime partnerships with our customers,” he said. “We take pride in manufacturing products that have a positive impact on customer lives which is what makes BioWave a great partner for us.”


You can read the press release on this article on Rochester Business Journal

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