BioWaveHOME® is a more powerful handheld treatment option than BioWaveGO® with a 30% higher maximum output. BioWaveHOME can be used with BioWave’s Hydrogel Electrodes, Percutaneous Electrodes and Silver and Blue BioWraps®.

BioWaveHOME can reduce VAS pain scores by 50-75%(2). BioWave’s patented high frequency neurostimulation is delivered through skin directly to pain nerves, inhibiting action potential propagation along the nerve, blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain (Frequency Conductive Block Theory).

Patients report an increased range of motion and reduced stiffness. Relief occurs immediately as patients increase the intensity and lasts long after treatment. The result is better outcomes for patients

BioWaveHOME is Superior to Other E-Stim

Fast results
Many patients report relief after one 30-minute session and greater relief after multiple treatments

100% drug-free alternative to opioids
BioWave technology has been shown to reduce medication consumption in clinical studies (1,2)

Long-lasting pain relief
8 hours of pain relief, on average following a 30-minute treatment.

Deep, smooth sensation
BioWave treatments range in sensation from tingling to a deep, smooth muscle massage.

Easy to use
No programming. Pain relief at the press of a button.

(1)Blinded Randomized Sham Controlled Study using BioWave for the treatment of chronic pain in patients with grade 3 and 4 osteoarthritis of the knee, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, Orthopedics, Vol. 30, #6, June 2007

(2)An Open-Label Pilot Study Investigating Noninvasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation in Chronic Pain; Hegarty, Bretherton, World Institute of Pain, 1530-7085/20/Pain Practice (See

Getting started videos

Electrode Placement Examples

  1. Pads must not touch each other when the unit is turned on – one inch is the minimum spacing.
  2. Pads are reusable but must be tacky to the touch. If not, please use a new set of pads.
  3. Pads can typically be reused 8-10 times.
Areas of treatment

Electrode Placement Examples

Low Back

Back Pain in Two Locations (e.g. Bilateral Low Back Pain)

Low Back Pain on One Side of Spine (e.g. Unilateral Pain)

Low Back Pain Focused Over a Facet Joint

Low Back Pain Focused Over the Spine



When Not to Use BIOWAVE

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