BioWavePRO® delivers immediate, deep, long-lasting relief from severe pain. For your patients this means immediate recovery and an increase in mobility and range of motion. Unlike most pain therapies, BioWave®can easily be used not only in the clinic or athletic training room, but during meetings, at home or on-the-road without medical staff. Rechargeable battery system provides 18, 30-minute treatments per charge.

BioWave’s patented high frequency neurostimulation is delivered through skin directly to pain nerves, inhibiting action potential propagation along the nerve, blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain (Frequency Conductive Block Theory) and is 100% drug-free and non-surgical. 

BioWavePRO can be used with BioWave’s Hydrogel Electrodes, Percutaneous Electrodes and Silver and Blue BioWraps®

BioWavePRO is superior to other e-stim

Rapid results
Patients report relief following one 30-minute session and greater relief after multiple treatments (1)

Long lasting pain relief
For 85% of patients BioWave provides relief for up to 24 hours post treatment—and cumulative relief after multiple treatments (2)

Perfect for in-clinic use
Can easily be moved around the clinic and delivers 18 treatments on a single battery charge

A drug-free alternative to opioids
BioWave technology has been shown to reduce medication consumption by up to 50% in clinical studies (3)

Easy to use
No programming
Patients control their comfort level by pressing a plus button to adjust intensity

Can be used anywhere—in the clinic or athletic training room, during meetings, in the hotel, airplane, bus, or on the sidelines with just the push of a button

(1) Blinded randomized controlled study on the treatment of chronic low back pain, Weill Cornell Medical College/NY Hospital

(2) NY Giants White Paper on the treatment of acute and chronic pain from sports injuries – 600 treatments on 80 players

(3) An Open-Label Pilot Study Investigating Noninvasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation in Chronic Pain; Hegarty, Bretherton, World Institute of Pain, 1530-7085/20/Pain Practice

Electrode Placement Examples

Low Back

Back Pain in Two Locations (e.g. Bilateral Low Back Pain)

Low Back Pain on One Side of Spine (e.g. Unilateral Pain)

Low Back Pain Focused Over a Facet Joint

Low Back Pain Focused Over the Spine


image 55


When Not to Use BioWave