BioWaveGO® RX

BioWaveGO® is compact, wearable and built to move. A single treatment of 30 minutes provides on average up to 8 hours of pain relief(1) . BioWaveGO delivers immediate, deep, and long-lasting relief of severe pain. BioWave’s patented high frequency neurostimulation is delivered through skin directly to pain nerves, inhibiting action potential propagation along the nerve, blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain (Frequency Conductive Block Theory). BioWaveGO is compatible with BioWave®‘s Hydrogel Electrodes and Blue BioWraps®

The effective choice for severe
pain relief

100% drug-free—safe, easy and effective

Clinically proven with over 14 years of demonstrated results through prescription

FDA cleared for relief of chronic and acute pain

Cumulative benefits with multiple treatments

FSA/HSA eligible

GO RX App – Manage treatment schedule • Get alerts and treatment reminders • Receive personalized therapies from a physician or trainer • Track your pain relief progress

One year warranty, 30-day no risk money back guarantee

Study :  Open Label Pilot Study Investigating Non invasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation In Chronic Pain Patients, outcomes from 463 study participants, published in the peer reviewed journal Pain Practice from the World Institute Of Pain.

Getting started videos

Electrode Placement Examples

BioWaveGO pad placements are different from TENS and other conventional electrical stimulation. The BioWave active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad. As a result, pads need to be placed directly over specific locations of pain.


each pad should be placed directly over a painful area.


one pad is placed directly over a single location of pain; the second pad is placed over a bony area which is a comfortable location to receive stimulation.

3. Pads must not touch each other when

the unit is turned on – one inch is the minimum spacing.

4. Pads are reusable but must be tacky

to the touch. If not, please use a new set of pads. 5. Pads can typically be reused 8-10 times.
Areas of treatment

Electrode Placement Examples



Neck or cervical pain in two locations

Bilateral neck or cervical pain

Neck or cervical pain in multiple discs

Temporomandibular Joint Pain or Pain Along Trigeminal Nerve



When Not to Use BioWave

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