BioWave® Named TOP Pain Management Device Provider 2023 by MedTech Outlook

BioWave® Revolutionizing Pain Management with Smarter Pain-Blocking Technology®

Brad Siff, Founder and President of BioWave®, has had a front-row seat to the toll of chronic pain. A devastating skiing accident tore his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in the right knee.  Reconstructive surgery was supposed to allow Siff to be in and out of the hospital in the same day, but when he woke up in the ICU in a lot of pain, he pressed the button on the patient controlled anesthesia device which delivered a dose of morphine. Siff had an allergic reaction – heart palpitations and severe constipation and ended up spending 3 days in the hospital at a huge additional expense due to the side effects of the narcotic. He had an early prototype of his BioWave smarter pain blocking medical device and when he got home he immediately began using it post operatively to manage pain and to facilitate range of motion and function.  

 Realizing that opioids and over-the-counter medications fail to offer quick and sustainable results without side effects, Siff developed the early set of protocols for BioWave pain applications that would eventually bring relief to millions of people in pain.  

 The next year witnessed Siff doing his groundwork and gathering a team of seasoned clinical and product development experts who could help fulfill the early mission of unfolding a smarter way to relieve pain. This laid the foundation for BioWave, marking the beginning of a legacy that transformed the face of pain management.  

 BioWave’s non-opioid, non-surgical, smarter pain-blocking technology offers immediate, deep, and long-lasting relief from chronic, acute, or post-operative pain.  BioWave’s patented technology is designed to block pain at the source.  The company’s family of easy-to-use, non-invasive devices deliver a deep, comfortable high-frequency neurostimulation through the skin directly to pain nerves. The resultant active electrical field inhibits action potential propagation along the nerves and blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain.   

 BioWave’s drug-free, FDA-cleared, and CE-certified devices, all use rechargeable battery systems and include BioWaveGO® which is wearable and for use on the go, BioWaveHOME® a prescription strength device for use at home and BioWavePRO® which is designed for use in hospitals and clinics.  BioWave’s devices utilize different types of electrodes through which the electrical signals are delivered.  Noninvasive reusable hydrogel electrodes are ideal for use at home. Percutaneous electrodes are used in a hospital, clinic or athletic training room environment, and contain an array of over 1000 microneedles that pierce the skin but look and feel like Velcro to the touch. The advantage is that they provide a direct conductive pathway into deep tissue resulting in enhanced efficacy and a longer duration of pain relief which patients have reported may last up to several days following the 30-minute treatment.  

BioWave also has a family of patented wearable compression electrode garments, called BioWraps®, that are designed for different parts of the body. BioWraps allow the delivery of the devices’ high-frequency signals into deep tissue while simultaneously providing compression to the treated area. The strategically embedded silver fabric electrodes eliminate the guesswork in electrode placement location by aligning with targeted areas, making pain relief accessible, effective, and comfortable. BioWraps advanced silver fabric electrode technology enable the treatment of up to a six times larger volume of tissue as compared to conventional hydrogel electrodes.  

Biowave’s non-invasive nature and ease of use make these devices ideal for a wide range of clients, from veterans and athletes to the general populace. Its journey in professional sports began with the New York Giants. Today, 30 out of 32 NFL teams, 26 Major League Baseball teams, 25 NBA teams, and many NHL, MLS and Olympic sports teams rely on BioWave to reduce pain and increase range of motion and function to accelerate the rehabilitation process.  

 Our mission is to help patients win their battle with severe pain and get them to return to activities of daily living,” says Siff. 

 Known for its prodigious clinical data and countless success stories, BioWave stands tall as a leader in the highly competitive pain management space. Its relentless pursuit of progress does not stop at physical devices; it’s gearing up for the future with next-generation products. A digital health platform revolutionizing patient care and delivering a whole new level of personalized pain management is on its horizon. By harnessing the power of data capture, the platform cultivates a dynamic pathway for patients and healthcare providers to engage in reciprocal communication. 

 This perfect concoction of cutting-edge technology, patient-centric treatment, and a clear-eyed approach is making a significant impact in the world of pain management. This is vitalizing for BioWave to take on challenges and make a resounding difference in the lives of people in pain.  

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