Biowave Commercial Promo Piece

BioWaveGo is coming to a small screen near you!

The first commercial demonstrating the pain relief benefits of our portable opioid-alternative pain relief device is finally here.

Watch The BiowaveGO Commercial Here

Revolutionary Pain Relief With BioWaveGO

Decades of research went into the development of BioWaveGO. It’s the portable, consumer version of a technology that’s been used by physicians, athletic trainers and professional athletes for years.

The portable pain relief device is discreet and easy to use anywhere. Treat your chronic pain at work, on vacation, or when you’re out running errands. There’s no need for strong prescription painkillers anymore: BioWaveGO is the safe alternative that anyone can use.

How BioWaveGO Works

This isn’t a TENS machine. It’s better than that.

Traditional TENS machines only work on the surface. You might feel pain relief during use, but this wears off almost immediately after you switch it off. With BioWaveGO, just one half-hour treatment session can provide pain relief for up to 24 hours.

Try BioWaveGO Risk-Free Today

We’re so proud of our pain relief technology – and so confident you’ll notice the difference – that we offer a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

Shop online to try BioWaveGO today.