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BioWave’s patented, proven, effective technology is changing lives every day. It leapfrogs today’s current TENS technology with its advanced, patented pain blocking approach to pain relief. 

BioWaveGO® RX is a traditional TENS treatment, right? Wrong.

Unlike TENS, which delivers a signal across the surface of the skin, BioWave’s smarter pain blocking technology delivers a signal straight to source of pain in deep tissue. BioWave’s patented, FDA cleared smarter pain blocking technology delivers high-frequency electrical waves to block pain deep at the nerve and provide long-lasting pain relief.

BioWaveGO® Rx vs. traditional TENS:

  • Easier to use
  • Stronger pain relief
  • More comfortable on your skin
  • Blocks pain at the nerve
  • It’s been prescribed to over 500 professional athletes
  • BioWaveGO® Rx is covered by insurance – private and Medicare

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BioWave can be used to effectively treat severe and sudden onset pain, the result of an injury or accident. BioWaveGO’s high frequency, alternating current system blocks pain at its source offering acute relief for up to 24 hours.

BioWave can be used to treat chronic pain that results from long-term conditions such as arthritis, endometriosis or lower back pain. Drug-free and available without prescription, BioWave technology provides deep, long lasting relief without harmful side effects.

Over 500 professional athletes have been prescribed and used BioWave products for pain management and to accelerate rehab. Its superior pain blocking technology provides fast, effective relief without cream or pills. A single 30-minute treatment decreases stiffness, increases motion and reduces muscle spasm.

BioWaveGO® RX

The compact BioWaveGO® Rx is a portable, more effective alternative to TENS. It is used with BioWave’s Gel Electrodes.

It’s easy to use. Patients simply place BioWave’s Gel Electrodes over their area of pain and turn the device on.

BioWaveGO® Rx is small enough to fit into a pocket, offering pain relief at home or while doing physical therapy or exercising. It is covered by carriers who consider TENS medically necessary.

Key Facts

Easy to use, no programming. 

Strong pain relief, higher electrical output than TENS. 

More comfortable, sinusoidal wave form.

Goes deep, high frequency penetrates deep tissue.

Better efficacy frequency conduction block.

Leading-edge technology, accompanying app provides treatment data that can be given to the provider.

BioWrap® RX

New for summer 2021, BioWraps are a stronger and easier to use treatment option than traditional GEL electrodes. BioWraps are compatible with our BioWaveHOME RX and BioWaveGO RX devices.

BioWrap® are patented wearable electrode garments designed to deliver BioWave’s technology through a larger area. There are six different BioWraps® designed to treat different locations on the body: low-back, knee, foot-ankle, shoulder, elbow and hand-wrist. BioWrap® are covered by all carriers who consider TENS conductive garments medically necessary.

Key Facts

Easier to use, eliminates the trouble of placing electrodes.

Stronger pain relief, BioWrap® technology provides a larger treatment area.

Enhanced Support, BioWrap® technology provides compression and support while simultaneously delivering BioWave’s smarter pain blocking technology.

Long Lasting, expected life of 6 months (100’s of treatments).


BioWaveHOME® Rx is our most powerful neurostimulator. It can be used with Gel Electrodes, BioWraps® and BioWave’s strongest treatment option, Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS).

BioWaveHOME® with Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS) is our most powerful treatment option. The electrodes used for PENS feature 1,014 micro needles, which penetrate the surface of the epidermis, bypassing the impedance of the skin and providing a direct conductive pathway to the affected pain fibers. BioWaveHOME® Rx (purchase or rental) and PENS Electrodes are covered by carriers who consider PENS medically necessary.

Key Facts

More powerful, strength of output is 37.5% higher than BioWaveGO RX.

Longer-lasting pain relief, up to 72 hours. 

More treatment options, PENS Electrodes, Gel Electrodes and BioWraps®.



BioWave® delivers better pain relief outcomes(1)

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BioWaveGO RX is recognized and covered by most insurances as a strong alternative to opioids for patients with chronic, acute and post operative pain.

(1) Open Label Pilot Study Investigating Non invasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation In Chronic Pain Patients, outcomes from 463 study participants, published in the peer reviewed journal Pain Practice from the World Institute Of Pain.

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