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BioWaveGO® RX is recognized and covered by insurance as a strong alternative to opiods for patients with chronic, acute, and post operation pain.


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Meet BioWaveGO RX.

BioWave is soon to be the smartest tool in your recovery arsenal. BioWave offers superior chronic pain relief technology for people in pain who are done messing around with creams, pills, and gimmicks. With 13 years of Rx experience, BioWave is proven, patented technology that is designed to block pain signals deep at the nerve. This is not old-fashioned TENS. BioWave often works in one 30-minute treatment and had been proven in multiple clinical studies to provide lasting pain relief.

BioWave’s patented, proven, effective neurostimulation is changing lives every day. It leapfrogs today’s current technology with its advanced, patented pain blocking approach to pain relief. Because it’s designed to deliver therapeutic electrical signals into deep tissue, healthcare providers and patients alike affectionately call BioWave the “Blue Box.”

Why Trust BioWave?


59% of patients reduced or
eliminated pain medication

Long Lasting

8 hours of lasting pain relief after
one 30-minute treatment, as
reported by patients.*

Tested & Proven

600+ professional athletes,
100+ pro sports teams,
and 125+ college sports teams
have used BioWave.

Life Changing

94% of patients felt an
improvement in their quality of
life after using BioWave for
two weeks*

*Source: Open-Label Pilot Study Investigating Noninvasive High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Fiber Stimulation in Chronic Pain

  • Easy to use – no programming.
  • Strong pain relief – higher electrical output than TENS.
  • More comfortable – sinusoidal wave form.
  • Goes deep – high frequency penetrates deep tissue.
  • Better efficacy – frequency conduction block.
  • Leading-edge technology – accompanying app provides treatment data.

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