First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain

Modern Pain Management – Vol 1 #1 First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain Low back pain is one of the most common complaints with respect to pain. When low back pain occurs, there are many possible causes. The most common are typically a muscle strain, tendon strain or ligament sprain. This type of […]

Yoga For Pain Management

Pain can consume your life, debilitate the body and distract the mind. Studies have shown that practicing yoga for pain management can help people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, low back pain, and many other types of pain conditions. Aside from turning to yoga for pain relief, this practice strengthens the body and improves range of motion and […]

How To Prevent and Treat Common Golf Injuries

Golf is a fun sport that challenges both the mind and body and keeps you active while spending time with family or friends. While golf may seem like a low-risk sport, the potential for injuries can be high. Many golfers – amateurs and pros alike – experience pain from overuse injuries. From walking the course to […]

5 Daily Wrist Pain Exercises

Do you suffer from wrist pain? Here are 5 simple wrist pain exercises you can do every day from your home to relieve your symptoms.

How Athletes Use Electrotherapy For Pain Management

  Athletes may sometimes find themselves sidelined due to a sports injury, keeping them from bringing their A-game or enjoying their workouts. When that happens, pain management for athletes is of the utmost importance so they can maintain their fit and active lifestyles. After all, athletes can’t play well when pain gets in the way. […]

5 Exercises to Relieve Ankle Pain

Are you one of the millions suffering from foot and ankle pain? Here are 5 simple exercises you can do at home to relieve your symptoms.

Do TENS Machines Really Work?

TENS machines use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as electrical therapy to relieve pain – but do they really work?

Helping Jockeys to The Winning Line at Chepstow

We were thrilled last month to see our headline sponsorship events go ahead at Chepstow Racecourse, sponsoring all seven races which were shown live on Sky Sports Racing. It’s one of a number of sponsorship events we have planned to help launch BioWaveGO in the UK and raise awareness about how we’re revolutionising pain management and recovery in elite sports.

Runner’s Knee: Preventing and Treating a Painful Problem

You are out for an afternoon run to take some time for yourself. The sun is still out, the weather is perfect, and you feel invigorated. You’re in the zone until you notice you’ve got an ache at the front of your knee. You sit down to rest and as soon as you stand up, […]

Biowave Commercial Promo Piece

BioWaveGo is coming to a small screen near you! The first commercial demonstrating the pain relief benefits of our portable opioid-alternative pain relief device is finally here. Watch The BiowaveGO Commercial Here  Revolutionary Pain Relief With BioWaveGO Decades of research went into the development of BioWaveGO. It’s the portable, consumer version of a technology […]

6 Simple Ways to Find Relief for Lower Back Pain

  Does your lower back ache from hunching over your keyboard, putting in another long day at the (home) office? Or maybe you tweaked something on your weekend long run and now all you want to do is lay on the couch with a heating pad. Perhaps your lower back pain is chronic; the result […]

Understanding Pain Management

  For millions of Americans dealing with chronic pain, finding relief is usually not a simple process. Depending on the cause, it may take pursuing several different courses of treatment to find the right combination to alleviate pain. Designing a pain management plan with the help of your doctor and other healthcare providers can help […]

5 Elbow Pain Exercises for the Home

Smiling Family

Tennis elbow, or as it’s also known ‘computer elbow’ affects around 300,000 people1 in the UK every year. Commonly caused by sporting injuries or repetitive actions such as siting at a desk all day – elbow pain can be irritating at best but down right excruciating if it’s left without treatment.  Thankfully there are exercises […]

5 Daily Stretches to Reduce Knee Pain


Around one in five people¹ suffer from some form of knee pain or knee osteoarthritis in England. Knee pain may be caused by an underlying condition or is commonly caused by exercise. Your knee can take a lot of stress when exercising, which can make it hard to find stretches and exercises that won’t aggravate […]

How to Stick to Your Chronic Pain Diet and Avoid Inflammatory Foods

  What do cheese, sugar, bacon, beer, cream, hot dogs and butter have in common? They’re all foods we turn to during celebratory times of the year, like the holiday season or summer cookouts. They’re also inflammatory foods that cause pain. When you’re dealing with chronic pain, it’s important to watch what you eat. Why? […]

Runnings Tips For Post-Race Recovery

  Running has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity lately as a form of exercise to turn to when gyms and fitness studios are closed or limited in capacity. Beginners join seasoned marathoners on running paths and trails and test their newfound endurance in virtual races. Longtime runners, on the other hand, are navigating a world […]

5 Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Woman With Headache

 A recent study found that 55% of people now say they have more back pain1 since shifting to remote work. With millions of people already suffering from back pain, more of us working from home than ever, what can we do to prevent pain from taking over? Exercise is a great way to strengthen muscles […]

Best Running Tips to Avoid Pain

Running is one of the most universal sports out there. With the right pair of shoes, a running path, trail, track or treadmill and some grit, you’ve got what it takes to call yourself a runner. While running is highly accessible, pounding the pavement (or treadmill) can take a toll on the body and cause […]

Physical Therapy for Pain Management

  Turning to physical therapy for pain serves as a non-opioid alternative to provide relief. As experts in movement, physical therapists are well-versed in improving quality of life through education, hands-on care and exercise. Here, we break down the key roles physical therapy plays in assisting individuals dealing with chronic pain, including tips from experts […]

Home Office Ergonomics Tips to Avoid Work-From-Home Injuries

More than nine months have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic first swept through the United States, sparking a nationwide push to work from home. At first, the change seemed temporary. Working from the couch, the bed or the kitchen table was meant to be a stopgap before returning to our ergonomic workstation at the company office. […]

Tips on Pain Management for Athletes

  Football is returning to televisions across the country, bringing with it the spectacle, athleticism and injuries this tough sport is known for. Concussions and spine damage are often the most serious and highly publicized football injuries, but these athletes also deal with knee, back and hip pain in the form of sprains, strains, broken bones, ACL and meniscus tears, hip pointers and more – not to […]

Treating Tennis Elbow and Common Tennis Injuries

  As tennis fans around the world tune into the 2020 US Open, tennis injury headlines from 2019’s event resurface: Shoulder injury knocks out defending champion Novak Djokvic. Injured Roger Federer ousted by Grigor Dimitrov. Even the pros sometimes fall victim to the most common tennis injuries. The legendary Federer even admits he cannot play tennis forever. Though conditions like tennis […]

Olympic Track Gold Medalist Tianna Bartoletta Partners with BioWave

Olympic Champion Tianna Bartoletta BioWave is further building its “Performance Team” and increasing the national awareness of the popular BioWaveGO through a partnership with U.S. Olympic Track Gold Medalist Tianna Bartoletta that will help amplify the GO’s unique pain relief pedigree and patented technology. “As a 2x Olympian, 3x Olympic Gold medalist, and the current […]

10 Healthy and Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods Recipes

The food you eat can dictate how your body responds to inflammation, which is often the culprit behind chronic pain. Eating a diet rich in natural anti-inflammatory foods, like colorful fruits and vegetables brimming with antioxidants, nuts and fish with powerful omega-3 fatty acids and certain spices with potentially potent inflammation-reducing qualities is likely beneficial to […]

Break the Chronic Pain Insomnia Cycle

You know what it’s like: you’ve finally got to sleep, then you roll over and wham! A jolt of pain wakes you up again. Every chronic pain sufferer understands this scenario. It’s a regular nightly routine for many, and insomnia results as interrupted sleep patterns feed chronic pain. But what is the link between poor […]

Manage Pain for Your July 4th Celebrations

Gathering with family and friends might not be possible for this year’s July 4th celebrations – but you can still have a good time! Even if you’re celebrating at home with your household, there are plenty of ways to keep your chronic pain away to enjoy the day. Try Anti-Inflammatory Recipes Food is a really […]

How can athletes use BioWaveGO?

BioWave’s new partnership with 6-time PGA Tour Champion Rocco Mediate proves how much professional athletes trust the technology. But how does it help them combat pain and carry on competing at the top of their game? Rocco uses BioWaveGO as part of his pain management and recovery routine. When the partnership was announced, he said: […]

Safe At-Home Workouts for Managing Pain

With gyms, physiotherapists, and swimming pools closed due to the coronavirus crisis, it can feel like you’re unable to work out safely at home. But there’s plenty of safe home workouts you can try! Staying active and working out regularly can help reduce your chronic pain. Sitting around at home without exercise can make your […]

Does Diet Affect Chronic Pain? Foods to Avoid

Is your diet making your pain worse? Chronic pain is exacerbated by anything that causes inflammation. Did you know that includes some foods, too? Inflammation is an autoimmune response. Some foods can trigger the same response in the body: if your gut is irritated by a certain food, this can increase the overall inflammatory response, […]

How to Adapt Your Workouts to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain puts us off working out – but we know that exercise makes us feel better. Numerous studies confirm exercise can reduce chronic pain symptoms and improve physical function at injury sites. But when you’re tired, sore, and moving hurts, working out doesn’t seem like a good idea. It’s a tough Catch-22: your pain stops you […]

Your Essential Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Options

A new rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis can be alarming. You’re already in pain and the doctor says there’s no cure, and the disease can get worse over time. The good news is that there are plenty of rheumatoid arthritis treatment options to help you. Some treatments help with immediate symptoms, such as pain relief, while […]

How to Manage Chronic Pain at Work

From lower back pain to repetitive strain injury, chronic pain makes holding down a job tricky. The pain distracts you from your work, and it can also affect your mood and concentration. You don’t have to think about giving up your job, however. There are plenty of things you can do to manage your pain […]

Can Electrical Stimulation Really Provide Pain Relief?

Many chronic pain sufferers will have turned to a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine to try and alleviate their pain. When they find it doesn’t work for them, they feel that electrical stimulation simply doesn’t help reduce pain. However, with the latest innovations, electrical impulses can deliver long-lasting pain relief. Just one 30-minute session […]

How to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain and Manage Flare-Ups

A fibromyalgia diagnosis can be scary and leave you facing a lot of unknowns. How do you manage the pain? What causes it? Does it get worse over time? While fibromyalgia is not a degenerative musculoskeletal disease, there are things that make it feel like it is worse than before. This is caused by overworking, […]

How to Help a Loved One with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects more than the sufferer. Watching your spouse, sibling, child, or friend suffer with long-term pain is hard – but there are things you can do to help. While you can’t take their pain away, you can offer your support and proactive help to aid their approach to pain management – and improve […]

Five Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Back Pain

Opioids take the edge off your back pain – but they can also be addictive, impact your cognitive function, and interfere with sleep cycles. There’s a direct link between long-term use of prescription narcotics and increased risk of misuse, dependency, and addiction. At least 21 percent of chronic pain patients misuse their prescription opioid medications, and at […]

How Sleep (Good or Bad) Affects Chronic Pain Symptoms

Even if you think you’re sleeping the whole night through, your chronic pain could have a bigger impact than you realize on the quality of your sleep. Do you often wake up tired even though you think you slept like a log? It’s likely that your pain problems are disturbing your ability to reach the […]

Self Advocacy Tips for Pain Patients

Chronic pain is something that stumps doctors and patients alike. It is a growing problem, yet it affects each person in very different ways. It’s important to make sure you’re communicating with your doctor and other medical staff how your pain affects you personally. Here are some tips to help you tell other people about […]

Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain

Modern Pain Management – Vol 2 There are more than one hundred different types of arthritis that affect more than 54 million Americans every year. That’s a conservative estimate, too. Many people with chronic pain don’t realize it is caused by the early stages of arthritis. They’ll often attribute it to a suspected injury or […]